Fife Council is encouraging all agents and applicants to submit their planning applications on the new ePlanning.scot portal, launched on 13 January 2016.  The Council is a partner in the eDevelopment.scot programme, which is refreshing the ePlanning service across Scotland. The new portal replaces the current ePlanning portal  that was introduced in 2009 and provides a facility for submitting planning applications to any Scottish Planning Authority.


Mary Stewart, Service Manager, Major Business and Customer Service, Fife Council, said: “Online applications are simple, save applicants time and money and are delivered to us swiftly, enabling us to start considering proposed developments sooner. The new ePlanning.scot portal is designed to make Scotland's planning system simpler, faster and more accessible. Applicants can register on www.ePlanning.scotfrom 13th January. Registration will only take a few moments, and the new system provides some new functionality and features. The portal provides an easy-to-use way to complete and send in planning applications, notices of review, appeals and other types of permissions needed under planning law. It also allows users to attach relevant documents, buy and mark up a location plan and pay the application fee electronically. ”

Cllr Lesley Laird, Fife Council’s Depute Leader and Executive Spokesperson Economy and Planning, added: “Sending in applications electronically saves both time and money. This initiative is a step forward in ensuring that Fife’s Planning Service is best placed to meet the needs of businesses and helps the Council to increase sustainable economic growth and deliver quality places to live."

“Since its launch in April 2009 ePlanning in Scotland has built up a strong reputation and excellent customer base. The level of use of the portal has increased steadily since 2009 and more than 80% of Fife’s planning applications are already submitted through the current ePlanning portal, which is one of the highest percentages in Scotland.”

The ePlanning service is free to use and managed by the Scottish Government in partnership with all Scottish planning authorities.

When the new ePlanning.scot portal goes live there will be a period of time when both the current ePlanning portal and the new portal will run in parallel. This means that applications which have been partly completed on the old ePlanning portal can still be submitted until 31st March 2016.

eBuilding Standards
Coming next in the eDevelopment.scot programme is the ability to submit building warrant applications online through the eBuildingstandards.scot portal which will be available from summer 2016.

More information on how the changes will affect existing ePlanning users and eBuilding Standards is available on the Scottish Government eDevelopment website